Kamis, 11 Juli 2013

My Life As A Writer, Composed by Haqi Achmad & Ribka A.S

    A very good read to motivate everyone who wants to be a writer, whether a fiction or a non-fiction one. Five famous writer share their story. They talk about their life, their hope, their goal, how they struggle to become a good writer and how writing change their life. Most of them are fiction writers, like Clara Ng, Farida Suseanty and Dewi Lestari, while Valiant Budi and Alanda Kariza write both fiction and nonfiction.
      Through interviews and dialogue between those 5 successful author and Haqi or Ribka, we could know a little bit of their personality and life. Like Clara Ng who set her standard bar very high for his novels and stories, Dewi Lestari who like to write at home quietly or Valiant Budi who take his experience as an editor for inspiration

      All of them are great. They know what they want. And they follow their passion with hard work. This book is adorable and must-to-read. You can grab it for just 48k at Togamas

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