Minggu, 21 April 2013

Online Games

    Since teens, I never have much interest ini online games. Especially those MMORPG. Found out they are consuming my money, time and resources. We need to provide high processing computers with high speed processors and money to buy their tools. As a thrifty person, those are very wasteful. I can use those resources or money to gain more return in fixed fund mutual funds.
     Since the arrival of Android, I found out than online games are pretty amusing. Still in MMORPG mode, but they are not as wasteful and lavish as their computer counterparts. Android version of MMORPG have simple graphics, gameplay and rule than their peers. Although my smartphone only has 420MB of ROM, those games don’t consume as much resources for their cache in its ROM. Hence, I can still download some Qur’an murottal with those small ROM :)
     Usually I just play my traditional games like Othello, Chess, or Arcade Games. Recently, I play Fashion Story and Bake Story from Lava Games. And they are addicting. Lava encourages their customers to pursue specific task given every level and renew every month. For example : you have to help your best friend’s love life, decorating your boutique or bakery, helping some people and so on. Immediately after you finish your task, you get some points or new items as a reward.
     That’s one thing. Other thing is new menu or item given every up-level. You will feel obligated or tempted to reach higher level because Lava give pictures of these new menu/items. And they are tempting (for girls especially)
     Unfortunately, once player reach level 60 or above, there are new uplevel challenge anymore. Sometimes its boring just waiting for a new task every month. But these games reminds me how challenging it is to earn money consistently. I feel hesitant to remove them. Usually, I just let ‘em sit idly at my phone without playing them. Memory wasting? Probably yes. But I’ll play them again as soon as new challenge appear :D

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