Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Women & Football

    Today's hilarity happen when i read an article in thejakartaglobe.come about Why Women Love Football. In the article the two columnists spoke about their opinion about woman and football players. The woman columnist is a football supporter since she was a child, and she knows the rules of football, enjoys the match and always informed about the latest news in football world. However, she's a woman who also enjoying cute, sexy and goodlooking men-football players. Sounds similar to me. 
   The man columnist accusing most women for only watching matches for the cute players, and make generalization that every cute player as skillful as lionel messi or david beckham. He admitted that he did feel that the word "woman" and "football" didn't mix.
    As a woman I agree with the former columnist. Okay, i watch football match for the players. However I also enjoy the attcking, offensive, openness style of football. It's okay for me if my favourite player not on the pitch as long as the team plays the beautiful football. I enjoy continuous pass and fast dribble from the football players. And sometimes I can analyze the game. After watching first-half match, I know a little bit about the strength and weakness of both of the teams. Although I have to admit that I dont know exactly what the team have to do to overcome their weakness so the opposite team can not exploit it. 
    And if my favourite players play on the pitch, and the game is too boring to watch, I'd like to...still watch them. I know they weren't good enough at that moment. They failed repeatedly, such as wrong pass, unsuccessful free kick, unable to skin out the oppsite defender, breaking opponent's leg, even failed penalty. But its such a pleasure to watch cute and sexy players. I didn't enjoy their failure. I enjoyed their emotion as well as their face. And i did enjoy their muscular body when they took off their shirt at the end of the game. Such an eye candy ;)
   Actually, not every cute football player have an enormous skill or trick. Most best football players look ugly, although their skill and confidence covering their uglyness. I'm still supporting the most skillfull and talented players. Although they are not handsome but their play on the pitch is enjoyable and second to none.

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