Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Professionals Wise Words

NHK Anchors
In May i wrote about Professionals, a tv program hosted by NHK, that told stories about experts in many fields. Every expert had their own wise word which motivated them. I present to you some of their wise word. Hope you can draw their energy and inspiration :)

  1. I believe in the fire burning inside of you (from a coffee product developer)
  2. Be strong, like the weeds and pebbles (from Akinori Kimura, a first commercial organic apple farmer )
  3. Never become too comfortable with the job. Each time on stage is the first time (from Kosanji Yanagiyo, a Rokujo story telling)
  1. I will never fail. Why? Because i will not give up until I succeed (from Takahiro Yokui, a toy developer)
  2. All you can do is persevere (from Etsuko Katsumata, a marine mammal veterinarian)
  3. The best way to predict the future is to invent it (from Sakie Akayama, a President of a venture company)
  4. If you do not seek, you will not find (from Yumiko Takashima, an Executive Director of Japan UNHCR)
  5. Don't ever become a critics. Always stay on the side being citicized (Hiroyasu Kamiyama, a neurosurgeon brain aneurysm)
  6. Don't work for yourself, work for others (from Shozo Katayama, a textile weaveng machinery developer)
  7. No matter how desperate the situation, people always retain the strength to carry on. People can find hope (from Keiko Tamura, a certified cancer therapist)

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