Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

Make Up Ads

   Honestly, I am not a big fan of cosmetics or beauty or fashion products. I just stick with my Sariayu's, Viva's or Maybelline's product for years. 
    But I have to admit that some cosmetics ads are just beautiful and irresistible, so sometimes I bought women or beauty magazine just to read newest trend or reading their ads. Beautiful, Colourful, Lively and Vibrant they are, although not enough to persuade me to buy their products.
      Here are some of beautiful and vibrant makeup ads I have just read this week. There are old ads, or new ads. Blush on up there is from Guerlain. The one up here is Kilau Martapura from Sariayu, which is discontinued this year, but we still can find it at good 'ol shop nearby. 
     Almost all overseas product here are very hard to find at local beauty shop or local gorcery shop, sometimes we need to visit Guardian or century just to find these product, or just visit online store and looking for trusted seller to get them. 
   For you who have spare time or excess money, go visit Singapore to get these real product.
   But if you are just like me who love reading or watching these ads, just buy magazine or enjoy their ads from Google.
Sometimes, or eventually, watching or reading ads give more happy sensation than buy the actual things. 
So, here, enjoy these ads :)

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