Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Blogwalking (Chapter: 2)

Everyday we start a day with some news. Either via twitter, chit chat, morning news broadcast, or newspaper. Since 2010, I was giving up on newspaper because I rarely read the whole news and its difficult to store obsolete newspaper. I switched to website and blog for some news.
Unlike Indonesian newspapers which loaded with political news and its owner agenda (and interest), some site and blog still offer fresh and helpful view for a better world. Well, I can still read newspapers at local library,so I stopped my daily newspaper subscription. Besides, twitter and Google+ could give me faster stream of news at seconds.
So here’s my daily dose of news which I embedded at feedly and opera mini”
  1. Lifehack (www.Lifehack.org)
Lifehack give some “how to” tips for us to sail through our life. Either funny, inspirational or soothing, they have it all. 

  1. College Fashion (www.collegefashion.net)
I admit that I love reading about fashion or beauty although I’m reluctant to give them some shot. I’ve tried some and turn out that I didn’t like wearing jewellery, intricate hijab or knotty vest. But CollegeFashion throw ideas for simple and wearable fashion. She gain her inspiration from people she met or from TV series. Her idea is refreshing, so I keep on reading her blog every morning

  1. New York Times (www.nytimes.com )
Shift to serious news, New York Times give neutral news about everything happen around the world. Unlike Kompas or Detik that lack of investigation journalism, New York Times give me different point of view for news. 

  1. Kontan (www.Kontan.co.id)
The one and only Bahasa news that I read everyday. Kontan offer business and economy news from Indonesia and World. Kontan news are better written, delicately giving report to its subscribers than its sibling, Kompas. When reading Kontan, everything about Indonesia looks very prosperous and bright.

  1. Chictopia (Chictopia.com)
This one similar to CollegeFashion or Lookbook.nu. Both Chictopia and Lookbook let people share their outfit with themself as the model 

  1. Zerohedge (http://zerohedge.com)
The most serious and deep blog I’ve ever read and still going on until today. Zerohedge offer deep thoughts and analysis about every business and economy event and affair. Most of its news come from USA’s business blogger. Its very worth to read because by connecting event past and present I can forecast (or at least imagine the big picture) what will happen in the future and how to face it

  1. Careerealism (www.careerealism.com)
Must to read for every fresh graduates or whoever looking for a job and wanna accomplish something in their life. Similar to Lifehack, Careerealism give some tips too. But more niche, like how to face interview or how to talk properly to colleague or supervisor.

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