Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

2014 Resolution

Welcome New Year. Another Year. Another Expectation. Another Achievement. Sayonara 2013. I still recount my failure, my fault and my false step throughout that year, but I don’t regret them. At least I learn to try and I become a better person than 2012 back then.
This is my list for 2014’s goals:
1.  Get some topic and making templates for my upcoming thesis
2.    Open up to people (Hell, I’ve never been good at human relationship. Mostly I feel annoyed and forced)
3.    Increasing my konowledge and comprehension on finance and how the world works
4.    Get some part time jobs
5.    Looking for scholarship
6.   Write more. Broader themes. More specialized. Easier to understand
7.    Deal with my temper
8.    Looking for boyfriend (^♥^)
9.    Submit my writings to newspapers.

Those are mines. What yours?

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